Whole Movement Co | Hi there. I’m Renee. I’m a personal trainer, health coach & doTERRA wellness advocate- but most of all I’m human. I’m passionate about continuously becoming the best version of myself and I’ve committed to sharing the way I do so and cracking you wide open so you can do the same.
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Whole Movement Co.

Hi, I’m Renee

I’m a personal trainer, health coach and doTERRA wellness advocate. Bust most of all I’m a human, trying to share what has helped me live a passionate, healthy, meaningful & happy life.

Inspiration? Ideas? Programs?
Let’s get you moving that body to the best of it’s ability.

Feeling stuck? Let’s get that mind moving and them juices flowing. After-all, our minds needs to be strong to live our best lives.

Everyone can benefit from these beauties- emotions, spirituality, low tox living, health support, financial freedom! What’re you waiting for?