Whole Movement Co | Essential Oils
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Essential Oils


If you know me, you know I’m all about the PLANTS BABY!


Essential oils are Earth’s natural superpower. They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in plants. These compounds are then extracted in a careful distillation process making them highly concentrated and extremely potent. Essential oils give a plant its aroma, protect it from harsh environmental conditions and insects, and even play a part in plant pollination. We can use essential oils in many ways, from their beautiful scents to natural health care and beauty remedies, food preparation and toxic-free living.


When I was younger I had trouble going to sleep at night so my mum would sprinkle lavender on my pillow and put on the bottom of my feet. I used essential oils in my oil burner, however, never knew the full power of these oils until I was introduced to doTERRA.


I use my essential oils between 10 – 15 every single day. Some of the ways I use them throughout the day include:


  • Using aromatically to enhance my mood, boost focus and relieve stress
  • Creating healthy and natural recipes flavored with essential oils
  • As a natural substitute for toxic perfumes
  • For skin and hair health and in my homemade beauty products
  • As cleaning sprays for the kitchen and bathroom to reduce the toxic chemicals we have around our home
  • Use on my dog – yes there are some essential oils safe for us on our pets!

Experience essential oils
Using essential oils